Blogger introduces himself( the first time is always bad)!!!


Well, this is because I’ve got to start somewhere. And here I start…well not yet. First a few things about me. I’m a recently graduated engineer from India. So that makes me a member of an exclusive list of star engineers, right after just a few million others in my country. Yes I face the same problems of unemployment and financial deficits that most of my peers face, but readers can rest in peace, this blogging idea isn’t for trashing my Government or something(But just wait till I catch hold of 1 official…). Nope, this here, my blogging, it’s for creating a revolution and aiming for World Peace. Jokes apart(that WAS a pretty poor joke, trust me I joke better), the fact that I’ve not yet written a single meaningful sentence by now  for any of the poor readers reading this is, Read more