Well, this is because I’ve got to start somewhere. And here I start…well not yet. First a few things about me. I’m a recently graduated engineer from India. So that makes me a member of an exclusive list of star engineers, right after just a few million others in my country. Yes I face the same problems of unemployment and financial deficits that most of my peers face, but readers can rest in peace, this blogging idea isn’t for trashing my Government or something(But just wait till I catch hold of 1 official…). Nope, this here, my blogging, it’s for creating a revolution and aiming for World Peace. Jokes apart(that WAS a pretty poor joke, trust me I joke better), the fact that I’ve not yet written a single meaningful sentence by now  for any of the poor readers reading this is, is only because I really don’t know why I’m doing the blogging. You could say it’s because I’m a good writer maybe(see? this was a nice joke), or you could say I’m just writing for just the love of writing. I love reading AND writing, and even though quite apparently I’m not so good at the latter, I guess blogging about stuff really will help me to improve. One more thing I really love is Travelling(Oh no! not one of “those” again!). Well, like it or not, I really do love it, and I hope to make this my Travel blog soon.

So for the ones who read this(Why are you still here?), expect nothing and everything here. I like to write in humor(Hope I have humor), and I just like to write about everything(Man these writing in brackets thingy is SO irritating!!).

So for the ones who are still reading this, I thank you, deeply and truly, as truly as Electronic media will allow me to be, and I welcome you to my first written article(is that what this is? (OK that was my last bracket thingy)) on the Internet. the moment I hit the ‘Post’ button, this is live on the Web, and stupid or not, its a big thing for me. I am sure all the bloggers and writers will agree. I apologize if this was a waste of your time, and I finish with the following words I thought of completely, honestly on my own, and I did not, like, Google it and a saw a image and copied the wordings here( a nice lie isn’t it? like the one where I told you this was my last bracket thingy)

If I can think it, I can say it
If I can say it, I can write it
If I can write it, I can read it
And so can others!!!

Thanks a lot, hope to hear from anyone of you, and you will, if you are still here, hear from me again!! Good day, and good luck. Criticisms and support ALWAYS welcome!!


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