They really are concerned about me. They waste no time in telling me exactly why my plans will fail, and how I should lead the usual path for safety. They love to put their limitations on me, and are quite, let’s say ruffled, when I don’t put them on.

I had recently made a plan to spend a weekend in the Himalayas, small and simple. Yet the constant barrage of warnings and comments made me feel as if I  was going to slaughter children, or cut trees and burn them, or something of that sort. It appears that people, when they see you making a plan, love to hear all about it, and then having heard it, love even more to tell you why exactly you’ll fail to execute it. We stay in our own bubbles of comfort, content with what’s familiar and regular. The very few that try to come out of that bubble are chided, discouraged, and brought back inside.

But here’s the thing. I love it!! I love the fact that people do this to each other. It’s not their fault, it’s basic human nature. It’s YOUR fault if you’re letting them discourage you, if you allow them to get to you. I’ve been called a many number of things, the moment I have decided to save up for my travels. Miser, lame, boring, coward, you name it. Even now when I think twice before I spend on something luxurious, I have to listen to snide comments on how miserly I’m being. Well, I love hearing  these, for they tell me that I’m going on  the right path.

“They” don’t understand. They never will. Those nights you spend working part time to save up money, all that putting money in funds and deposits, they never see it. All they see are the results. When they see the amount you’ve put together for your travels, all they see is how “lucky” and how “rich” you are, apparently your parents “helped you out” in your funds. It’s even funny now, how they ask me what’s my secret behind saving up money for my travel, when that person draws a bigger salary than me every month.

Saving up for my travels, has taught me a lot of things I never would have learnt in any philosophy class. But the biggest lesson I learnt, rather, I still am learning, is patience; patience to deal with the snide comments, the discouragement, the casual remarks on how I won’t be able to do it etc etc. But had it not been for these, I never would have had the inspiration to go ahead with my plans, it’s people like these who tell me I’m headed in the right direction, that what I’m doing is against the fixed set of social norms, norms that we have put upon ourselves and hide under, norms that give us an illusion of order in our lives.

So as I lead my boring, saving up -for-whatnot life, I can’t help but smile, how they all look, running together, running a race that doesn’t end, and no one remembers when it began. But I can’t look long, for I have my own race to run, my own path to follow, the one I and I alone, have made.

Forwards and onwards….


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