Split second decisions….that’s all it takes to make or break your life, split second decisions. Sometimes it works for you, like the time I decided to have an entire roast chicken at one go. It was heaven. But sometimes it goes wrong. Like when I decided to swim immediately after eating that chicken. They never did find out how  those fishes died, poor souls, or the real identity of the horrible green muck floating on the surface of the lake. Anyhoo, I was talking about split second decisions. Those really come up a lot in life. Some decisions you take gives you faith in yourself, while some make you wonder if it would have been better if your parents had kept you locked up, so that the world would be safe. And then there are those decisions that are so horrible, so wrong, that they don’t just have implications in the present, they impact your future as well, your plans, your way of living, even how you poop. Yeah, I’m not kidding. They can affect how you POOP!!! This post is about one such decision, I took not so long ago….

I’m not going to brag about how athletic I am, how great and fast a swimmer I am, or how I play football regularly, trekking, running, badminton, the occasional rock climbing. No no I don’t brag. It’s just that the decision I took was in football. To stop the ball going out of play or not? I was a fast runner, I can catch up to the ball, I thought. And so I ran. Catch up I did, in fact, I went past the ball, out of the field, and I would have ran straight back to my home 3 blocks away, and maybe challenge a horse to a race after that, so great and out of control was my momentum. And I would have done it too, had it not been for the silly little barrier blocking my path. Silly little thing really, the barrier, just put there to stop happily running  people like me. I smiled and stretched my right hand out, an unstoppable force, about to mow down a flimsy object. With my hand I would strike it down, and keep on running. Boom! And I collided, but something was clearly wrong. The barrier stood where it stood, the players stood where they stood, shouting and all. Only my arm didn’t stay where it was, it was limp and hanging by my side. Turns out my flimsy opponent was put there to withstand footballs and kicks and probably hurricanes thrown at it, with full force too.

Faint was the cracking sound, and I tried to see where it came from. The shoulder!! I’m no expert, but I know bones moving around under your skin when I see them. The shoulder bone was showing an upward shape, whereas the arm bone was clearly in front of my shoulder. Funny, that’s not how a shoulder looks like. One look told me there was no right shoulder now, at least temporarily. Diagnosis: shoulder dislocation. My shoulder popped out of its socket and was free to do what it pleased. Right now it was causing me excruciating and agonising pain, pain that made my legs freeze and difficult for me to breathe, pain that made my lips go white and shiver in cold sweat. Later on maybe it would put on a hat, kiss me goodbye and drive into the sunset. Who knows huh?

But why this post? Maybe I’m bored, or maybe I just wanted to see how much I can type using only my one finger. As I gear up to deal with my temporary life with left arm, I can’t help but feel grateful that I face these challenges, for they tell me I’m headed in the right direction.

It’s now, at this moment in time and place, this situation, where the universe has brought me, in other words, my bathroom (aided by spicy Indian food), where I realise I don’t know how to wash up my business with my left hand keeping my right hand immobilised. But this is what I enjoy the most, for I love challenges like these. See I wasn’t kidding regarding the poop thing. These situations make you feel alive.

Bring it on life!!! Is that all you got?


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