The club, the “party palace” of your town, you’re with your friends, they’re dancing away, while you shift awkwardly here and there. The music is too loud, the people even more so. You don’t really know anyone, and neither do you care. All you want is that tiny cosy corner of your room, curled up with a good book and a blanket, not a single person in sight.

You’re having to laugh at the new kid in school, while he searches for his books that your friends have hidden. All you want to do is give them back, make a new friend, maybe a great one.

The beautiful girl went past you, one friend passes a lewd comment after her and you have to laugh and approve with the rest of friends. All you want to do is tell her how beautiful she is, maybe if you’re lucky, she’ll agree to go on a date with you.

Your colleagues don’t really like the new employee, who doesn’t have time to sit and chat with them. They waste no time bitching about her. You’re having to nod, maybe give a plastic smile, and say “I know! She’s such a snob!” when all you want to do is tell them that the person is a single mother of 2 small kids, juggling her career and home, and to cut her some slack.

These situations, and many more like these have one thing in common. YOU. Yes, you the nice guy/girl, you the introvert, you the pacifist, the meek and the timid. It’s you. And there’s a simple reason for this.


Acceptance by your peers, your friends, the society. We all do it in some form or the other. The fact of not belonging, of being shunned or singled out, or being drawn  into the spotlight, this terrifies us. This is what stops us from speaking out, from making our voice heard, from making OUR opinions matter. We tend to lose our voices in the general “agreement”, in what our peers, our society accepts as normal.

This post is not much of an inspiration, neither is it meant to be, it merely is a message to all those who find themselves in  these situations. Stand up, speak up. And if no one comes with you, walk your own path, for soon you’ll find that there are many who’s walking  the same way, for you have served as an inspiration to them.


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