The following conversation takes place between Life and me…. I shall refer to life as L, and me as, well…me. 

L: Excuse me dear sir, if you have a moment to spare? I was wondering whether I could interest you in an injury? Physical I mean…

Me: Get lost!! You’ve  already given me a lot. I’m carrying a shoulder dislocation, a burnt leg, a bruised spine and an eye infection!! You want me to bear more than that?

L: Oh not all! I would never let you bear more than you could, it’s just that I felt that you’re stronger than you look, and that you look like you could do with one more. If you would just listen, I promise it would be worth your time.

Me: You’ve already given me more than I can chew, but all right, I’ll bite.  What is it?

L: Well since we’re talking about chewing and biting, I’m  happy to say that this one will be an intense toothache. See? You already have a knack for this!

Me: Toothache?? Are you insane, how would I eat? And I love eating, how would I ever tear and chew my meat? I can’t survive without it!! Is this your idea of selling me an injury? It’s a poor one I must say.

L: (with a smile) Sir, I assure you,  this will be the last for a long time, and I won’t bother you for a long while after this. Besides, this will only be on one tooth. It’s as simple as that. You probably won’t even notice it’s there.

Me: Oh is it? Well which tooth is this then?

L: Wisdom tooth.

Me: (jokingly) Aah so I’ll get some wisdom then?

L:(seriously) No.

Me: Well, I’m not convinced. I’m still recovering from the injuries I already have. I can barely walk. And on top of all this you’re expecting me to take one more? This won’t do I tell you, I refuse to be a part of this.

L:(in all its grandeur and persona) Dear sir, do you really think you have a choice in this?

Me: I suppose not….I have no control over this. OK…give it to me then. At least tell me, is there any explanation for this?
L: No

Me:(exasperated ).  Can you at least promise me that this will be the last?!

Life: No…au revoir!!


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