I am back

So…. I have recently returned from a month long solo trip to Europe. Its OK, no need for applause, it just comes naturally. Yes, ladies I do give autographs, in case you’re wondering. Anyways, I thought I’d write down the incidents and the experiences I’ve had, as a first timer in not just Europe, but also as some-one who’s never been outside his country (except Thailand, but that’s a secret). Read more


Deep breaths before you travel solo

Deep breaths

You’re about to embark on your first journey. Whatever be the reason; that inspiring movie, a heartbreak, or just plain fed up of hearing NO’s from your friends; you have decided to go solo. You’ve made the plan months before, you’ve booked the flights, read all the guidebooks, the travel blogs, seen all the “50 minimalist packing hacks” videos. You’ve informed your friends, your family, convinced them that you’ll be all right, you’ve heard all the advice and all the Do’s and Don’ts. Now, its time. If you’re reading this at the right time, that day is today. You start TODAY. Read more