Deep breaths

You’re about to embark on your first journey. Whatever be the reason; that inspiring movie, a heartbreak, or just plain fed up of hearing NO’s from your friends; you have decided to go solo. You’ve made the plan months before, you’ve booked the flights, read all the guidebooks, the travel blogs, seen all the “50 minimalist packing hacks” videos. You’ve informed your friends, your family, convinced them that you’ll be all right, you’ve heard all the advice and all the Do’s and Don’ts. Now, its time. If you’re reading this at the right time, that day is today. You start TODAY.

Normally, you should be excited, you should be like a tethered horse, raring to go. You should be that guy yelling “Lemme at ’em!!” You should be pinching yourself to make sure that it’s not a dream. BUT…you’re in the bathroom, out of breath, feeling nauseous. Well…sounds familiar? Even if it’s not as graphic as described, there IS something there isn’t it? This fear, this feeling of foreboding, these thoughts of “What if’s” racing into your head, this feeling that maybe you’ve made a horrible horrible mistake and that everything will go wrong and none of your plans are going to work. If you’re there, if you have this, even if it’s little, then let me congratulate you dear reader….

You’re finally here!!

You’ve reached the edge of your circle, your bubble shall we say, of comfort, and everything that you hold dear, everything that you’re used to, your regular bar, your regular friends, your same old desk and computer, all of these, are in this bubble. And today, you’re about to break through it. I will not assure you that you’ll fly, but I assure you this: Whatever happens to you, you’re not alone. All your fears and worries are based on one simple fact, that you’re going through this, alone. You are not. We’ve been there, many have, and many more will. Relax….and take a deep breath. Feel proud of what you’ve achieved!! You’ve reached the edge of your bubble, your comfort zone and its about to get a whole lot bigger now. Not many people, I repeat, not many people are lucky enough to be here, and even fewer want to even try. By choosing to travel solo, be it a whole new country, or just a new city, you’ve conquered your biggest enemy, and that is your conformity, your comfort bubble. You’ve opted to break out, to go forth and experience, and that, my friend, is no small feat.

I’m a regular swimmer and football player, and in the airport before my first solo trip to Europe, I ran out of breath just by changing chairs. It was all fear, well that and a few cigarettes but let’s not go there!! It happens to everybody…so enjoy it while it lasts. You’ll only do something for the first time only once, so cherish the moment. Since you’ve already taken your first step by being here, all you have to do now is take the next step, and the next after that. As your bubble breaks, you’ll see there will be a whole new world waiting for you.

Deep breaths…you’re nearly there


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