So…. I have recently returned from a month long solo trip to Europe. Its OK, no need for applause, it just comes naturally. Yes, ladies I do give autographs, in case you’re wondering. Anyways, I thought I’d write down the incidents and the experiences I’ve had, as a first timer in not just Europe, but also as some-one who’s never been outside his country (except Thailand, but that’s a secret).

First time travelling, and alone, can be a wonderful mix of fun and mess, of confusion and clarity, of friendships and solitude. It’s a special moment, and it comes only once.

When I was planning my trip, reading about other people’s experiences and advice all played an instrumental role in shaping my trip. It is on this basis, that I’d like to share my experiences, maybe some-one somewhere would find it…well…sort of enjoyable. As I’m nowhere even close to being experienced enough to give experiences, in my “field reports” shall we call them, you’d find more of my incidents rather than complete guides, but I have given tips here and there, whenever I can.

I shouldn’t bother, no-one reads these, and no-one cares. I know!! But I will go ahead and do it anyways, because if nothing else, it’ll help me improve. If you’re still with me till now, stay tuned for more on my trip.


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