Kudos if you’re here. That means you’re either extremely bored, and have nothing better to do, or, as a more brighter alternative, youre actually interested in knowing more about me! In which case, read on…

25 something male, spotted regularly in an IT office, usually with a sad face. Also infrequently seen travelling here and there, albeit with a happier face. Seen regularly interacting with people with new faces, in new places. When confronted, reply is that he loves learning about people and their lives, says he’s  a good listener.

The purpose of his blog apparently, is to serve as an outlet for his 2nd love, writing, his 1st being reading. Invites people to feel free to read and comment on his blog, or get in touch with him(if he offers any food or drink however,  refuse politely).

Very rarely seen partying, clubbing, or any of the hip things the kids are doing these days. Says he prefers the peacefulness and solace of nature more. But then, so did a serial killer.

Claims that he loves solo travelling(finds it easier to kill his victims maybe?)

More information on him will not be available, you’ll have to get in touch with him to know more.

Read and let live…..write and let live….live and let live…..travel, and die….


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