I am back

So…. I have recently returned from a month long solo trip to Europe. Its OK, no need for applause, it just comes naturally. Yes, ladies I do give autographs, in case you’re wondering. Anyways, I thought I’d write down the incidents and the experiences I’ve had, as a first timer in not just Europe, but also as some-one who’s never been outside his country (except Thailand, but that’s a secret). Read more


Deep breaths before you travel solo

Deep breaths

You’re about to embark on your first journey. Whatever be the reason; that inspiring movie, a heartbreak, or just plain fed up of hearing NO’s from your friends; you have decided to go solo. You’ve made the plan months before, you’ve booked the flights, read all the guidebooks, the travel blogs, seen all the “50 minimalist packing hacks” videos. You’ve informed your friends, your family, convinced them that you’ll be all right, you’ve heard all the advice and all the Do’s and Don’ts. Now, its time. If you’re reading this at the right time, that day is today. You start TODAY. Read more

A plan for my plan

When someone asked me a long time ago, whether I’d be planning everything in advance for my solo Europe trip, I remember replying naively, “Nah! I’m going to wing it. That’s what true travellers do”. Fast forward to today, I have 5 days to go for the start of my trip, and I’m sitting here checking which bus seat will have a proper reclining angle so that I’ll be able to sleep peacefully. Read more

I’m going on an adventure…

These very lines were shouted out by Bilbo Baggins as he ran through the fields of the Shire. What that led to, is history. But this is not the place for the LoTR fan in me. It’s just that…I am soon going to be shouting out these very words later this year, as I embark on what is my life’s first true adventure.

A solo backpacking trip to Europe…. Read more

Off-season rafting in Rishikesh

The dust was yet to settle after my recent trip back from home. Having brought my sleeping bag and rucksack with me this time from home, I was sure to make a trip that involves the mentioned items.

I had this craving for the mountains, that’s been there since a long time this year, you know the urge, the need to be there, in the mountains. Hills are good, but they’re cute when it comes to the mighty Himalayas. Believe me, I was fed up of the  “thrilling treks”(short day walk on a hill where the most dangerous thing that can happen to you is that you forget to wake up for the walk in the first place). No, I wanted a real trip, with the Himalayas around me, and over me. General consensus was it was too cold to go anywhere in the mountains, stay at home, build  a fire or something. And of course, since I always listen to what the crowd say, going to the mountains was apparently out of the question. Read more